Questions about Climair

How far away can Climair be from my AC unit?

What is the maximum distance between Climair and SuperHub?

Does Climair need to be plugged in?

Do I need help to install Climair at my home?

Can you control the temperature directly from Climair?

Will Climair work with my AC unit?

Is there a video to show installation?

Questions about the SuperHub

Is the SuperHub battery powered?

Do I need Wi-Fi in my home?

Do I really need a SuperHub?

Questions about the App

Does it work on my phone?

Where can I download the app?

Which languages do you support in the app?

Can I control all the functions that my AC has within the app (Fan Speed, heating/cooling...)

Is the app free?

Smart Home Integration

How does the integration in other smart home systems look like?


Can I download a manual to help setup my system?


How long does delivery take?

Returns Policy

Can I return my Novo system?

Question not answered?

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